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Mother-in-law, her daughter & son-in-law are on a trip. They are staying at the hotel.

Mother is still at her age sexually active. She satisfies herself & sometimes by other people. But mostly due to security she prefers to satisfy herself. She uses electric vibrator for the purpose.

But on the trip she forgot to pack it in her bag. What to do now? She tried going to a nearby shop & buy it but doing so would be noticed by son-in-law & daughter which would be shameful. So she is much tensed & is searching for other options.

Her daughter had gone outside to get some things from the market. Mom sees her son-in-law in deep sleep. All she needed was a straight thing to satisfy herself. But why to use something artificial when she had got a big natural dick of her son-in-law.

Incest suck and fuck son-in-laws penis instead of vibrator

She had heard from her daughter that he is extremely good in bed & satisfies her daughter. She thinks what harm it will bring as he is in deep sleep & he will know nothing about this. All she has to do is take out the penis, suck it & put it in her vagina.

She first makes sure that he is asleep. Then slowly she removes the bead sheet. She starts feeling from above his underwear the size of the dick. Satisfied with its size she opens his underwear & with one incest handjob she puts it in her mouth & starts enjoying the taste. Her son-in-law too wakes up in meantime & instead of protesting starts cooperating with her. They start incest sex.

Her daughter comes while they are having incest sex. She is shocked to see her own mother with her husband in bed while his dick is still inside her mother’s cunt. Watch the video to see how they fuck each other & how it pisses off her daughter.

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