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This hot mother in law’s daughter has recently got in a relationship with a boy. But as this mother in law’s sex life is not so good, she doesn’t want her daughter to face the same thing what she has faced all her life. She wants to check her daughter’s boyfriend personally who is going to become son in law in the coming week after the marriage.

So as planned she invites her son in law home. She says, “I wanted to discuss some important things before this marriage.” To which son in law says yes & comes to her in the evening. Daughter of mother in law is busy outside in other town buying various things for her marriage in the next week.

Mother in law wants to check through incest relation about her son in law’s sex stamina & his dick size & his capability of satisfying her by having continuous fucking session also called as ball sessions.

Testing son in law by incest for marriage

She wears a black top & blue jeans to welcome her son in law. After some initial chat she clearly mentions her intention to him & says, “I am going to check you fully by incest about your stamina & your dick size. Unless & until that happens I am not going to let my daughter marry with you.” Her son in law says, “I will do anything for your daughter baby. But I am not going to do this for your daughter. I am going to do this as I like you very much & wanted to fuck you from the time I saw you. I want you to be my girlfriend forever. My incest girlfriend.”

She gives a naughty smile & says, “I will change into something good which you will like to remove.” After a few minutes she invites him to the living room & he is stunned to see his mother in law in transparent black bra & underwear. Watch the video to see the later things.

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