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Naughty girl who lives alone with her step dad is a horny step daughter who loves to suck old dicks. Her name was June and she got perfect ass which anyone can die for. One day when she was working on some of her notes, her step dad came home drunken and went to sleep on couch behind her. While working she was getting horny and thought of something then went to her dad and checks weather he was slept or not. After confirming that he was sleeping deeply, she decides to have fun with him.

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She went to him and caught his dick over his pants and again went to her seat, she was feeling a bit scared but then she again went and pulled down his pants and took out his dick, he was already erect. She removed her bottom and got rid of her panty too in no time and started to ride on his and was fucking him. He was somewhat of waking up but as he was drunked, he was not getting things but was enjoying very much.

She was fucking him hard and jumping in his dick faster and faster, she then changer position and now they were in 69 position, she was sucking her step dad’s dick while her step dad was sucking and licking her step daughter’s pussy, she had placed her pussy on his mouth and was rubbing her pussy on his mouth.

She started to ride him again for some time and then he got up and she went to doggy position and he started to suck his step daughter pussy from behind. He was giving her hard strokes which was making it more enjoyable to her. He keep fucking her till he cums and when he was about to cum her pulled his dick out and unload all his cum on her butt.

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