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Mother daughter pair in this video are already engaged in lesbian relation with each other. They have kept it a secret from their son. They don’t want him to know.

Son starts wondering about why his sister is happy all the time? There is something fishy going on in the house which he doesn’t know about. First he thinks that his sister is taking drugs. But there are no physical signs of any kind on her body. He investigates a little and finds out that his sister & mother are satisfying each other by having mother sister sex i.e. a lesbian relation.

At first he thinks to tell this to his dad. But later on his even mind takes control & thinks that why not take advantage of the situation & use this opportunity to his advantage. But for this he needs to catch them red handed & then trick them to have sex with him.

don’t complaint to dad; have sister sex with me

One day he leaves his home & says that he is going to come in the evening only. Hearing this his sister gets very happy & excited as she knows that this will help her to have a good fucking mother sister sex for the whole day.

But after leaving for 2 hours he comes back to home & enters home with his backup key & goes into the living room. This mom sister pair had become so careless that they were doing their love stuff in the living room itself that too on the couch.

Son comes in the room & asks, “ What the hell mom? How you can do this?” They get tensed. But his sister is in no mood to kill their enjoyment. She says, “ Why don’t you join us brother & we can have a group sex of mother brother sister sex?” That is exactly what this son wanted to hear. He jumps at the oppurnutnity & starts enjoying their bodies. Watch the video to know what happens next.

16:20 length
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