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Mother-in-law gives incest reward for help

Mother-in-law in this video is old but is horny and blonde.

As her daughter had gone out of town she decides to bring grocery from the nearby store with the help of her son-in-law. Son readily accepts it. He arrives to her home & takes her. They both do shopping. But while they are coming back he falls on the stairs while coming to the condo (flat) as he was carrying lot of bags.

He injures his left hand. But everything looks fine now as he is bandages immediately by mother. But the touching while bandaging him sends a lot of current among both of them especially in the mother as she had been sex starved from many years & this physical touch seemed sexy.

Son-in-law gets incest fuck for helping out

She is wearing a pink top & a short skirt. She has white fishnets over her legs. She makes him to sit on the couch.

She says, “You really helped me a lot today son. You even physically hurt yourself for me. Thanks for it. I think I should take care of you as a reward.” Saying so she starts massaging his neck & then moves on to shoulder & then unbuttons his shirt & moves her hand on his chest, naval & his penis.
She quickly removes his underwear & takes the big young incest cock in her mouth & starts licking it with her tongue.

But what comes next is a total surprise. She removes her dress only to reveal that she was actually wearing a very sexy & erotic pair of lingerie. This totally changes the game.

She then removes her panty & sits on his cock & starts riding his young cock with her old but professional vagina. Her lingerie & her energy make his dick grow even bigger & she starts using the grown size of the dick to her advantage.

Watch the video to see how this pair incest fucks each other as a part of REWARD…..

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