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This video is about a guy and his mother in law who was not satisfied with her husband when it comes to sex. He used to fuck her and in 1 minute he discharges and slept leaving her unsatisfied. She had to finger herself to calm her self down. She had been upset from a long time, she is now having desires fro her son in law who was at their home for some days. So she decided to seduce him and complete her sexual desires with him.

She had seduced him many times and he also got the hint. Now they are very much close to each other and he used to play with her private parts and she also many times press his dick over his pants.

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One day while she was having breakfast with her husband sat near her and her son in law in front of her. They were very frank and having good conversation among them. He was getting naughty, he put his legs between her legs and was massaging her pussy under table while eating break fast, she was getting uncomfortable but sees no expression as her husband was near her.

Next day when her husband went out for work he went to his mother in law who was sitting on couch, he holds her in his hands and started to press her boobs and smooched her. They were smooching and then he removed her top and then removed her bra also making her boobs free. He then started to suck her boobs like child hungry for milk.

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