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Cheating Siri gets jizzed by brother in law

Hot sister in law named Maria lives with her husband and her brother in law, she is a beautiful girl with tiny boobs and round and firm ass. This sister is law is sex freak and when her husband was away on his business tour. She was missing her sex and badly wants it. So, she went to her brother who is also a horny, she thought to have sex with him and started to seduce him and acted like she don’t know anything and wants to learn from him.

Cheating Siri gets jizzed by brother in law

She went to him and sat near him, he started pressing her boobs over her top. He was kissing her boobs, pressing and playing with her boobs, he removed her top and bra completely and started to smooch her like girlfriend, with one hand he was playing and rubbing her pussy over her panty and also was sucking her boobs. He removed her shorts and pulled her panty aside and started to suck and lick her pussy for sometime and then removed her panty too making her completely naked.

He was kissing and licking her pussy and then removed his bottom and made her suck his dick by making her sat between his legs. She was sucking his whole dick and was taking it fully inside her mouth while he some times pressed her nipples and played with her boobs. She was also licking her balls which was making him crazy. He put his hands on her head and was giving strokes into her mouth and was fucking her mouth for some time.

She laid down and he placed his tool on her pussy and started to fuck her slowly first and then increased his fucking speed. He was giving her hard and fast strokes, he placed her legs on his shoulders and was fucking her real hard and fast. She was moaning and enjoying her fucking very much, he kissed her lips while fucking her. He keep fucking her hard in many different position.

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