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A super sexy and hottest woman who lives with her husband and step son. She and her step son became very close to each other as days passed, he had lusted on her and used to grab her boobs and slap her ass many times. She also liked it so she didn’t say anything to him. This gave more courage to him, now he he uses her as he wish, he made he naked and fucks her at home whenever they were alone at home.

He sometimes used to tie her with ropes and enjoy humiliating her, one day at night when sleeping he became too horny that he badly wanted a fuck. So , he went to his parents room where his dad and step mom were sleeping. He told his dad that he was feeling scared alone and wanted to sleep with them.

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His dad told him to sleep here with them, he slept between his mom and dad. After some time he grabs her mom inside blanket and started to play with her boobs and pussy, he tolds her that he want to fuck her now. She was getting scared and told him that her husband and his father is sleeping besides them. He told that he will not wake up as he is deep sleeper.

He then gets up and pulled down his pants along with undies. She slowly grabs his dick in hands and then slow she took the tip of his dick in her mouth and licked the top of his dick. She starts moving her lips and tongue on the top of his dick then slowly she started sucking his whole dick and giving him blowjob.

She was now sucking, licking and kissing his whole dick, she also was massaging his dick and after some time he told her to laid near him and pull down her pants. She pulled down her pants and laid near him, he was behind him, he then started to fuck her, she was in pain and was not making any noise. He was fucking his step mom hard and pressing her boobs which he took out form her clothes.

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