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Step son comes to home after his day’s work & enters home with his own key. His step mom is inside the house & his dad is still outside.

But he is unable to find her in the house. He searches whole house but in vain. Finally he goes to her room & finds her crying. He asks her the reason for it. But she doesn’t answer it.

After some time they both have dinner. She tells him her problems with sexual life. He consoles her & says that, “Don’t worry mom. Though you are my step mom, I feel concerned about it. Don’t worry you will get your happiness.” After finishing their dinner, he goes to bathroom to get bath.

He lives his bathroom door open on purpose. While he is stroking his dick & taking bath his mother comes at the door & is silently watching his body & his dick & enjoying the view.

Bathroom peeping moves on to mom sex in her bedroom

He looks back from corner of his eyes & is happy to see that his mom is watching him. But nothing happens at that time.

Now he starts hitting on her whenever he can. Even when she is ironing he gets half naked & comes near her. He purposely kisses her on her chick.

She has started to develop feelings for him. But she is not able to express it. She comes to her room & starts fingering herself by thinking about what she saw in the bathroom. She was enjoying & satisfying herself by thinking of his big muscular dick.

Son was waiting for this opportunity. He takes the peep in her room & gets horny after seeing what his mom was doing. He comes in the room & sits near her bed & says that, “I can satisfy you, if you allow me mom.”

He had expresses her feelings for her. They immediately start kissing & smooching.

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