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Mom Prepares Birthday Gift For Step Son

This video is about an incest family. The family members (mom & dad) decided to celebrate the b’day of their step son so they brought cake and candles. After the celebration mom asked her son what b’day gift he want.He smiled naughtingly and mom understood the intension. She went to closer to him and nbuckled his belt and the son kept his hands on mom’s milky bouncing boobs and started squeezing it. She removed her robe and came in check bra and panty.Mom asked him whether he is enjoying it or not to which he replied in ‘ Yes’ and said she has very huge boobs.

Mom Gifted Her Pussy To Step Son On His B’day

This horny mom bend on her knees and pulled down son’s pant and removed the underwear. She took his limb cock in hand and put it into her mouth and started giving him a sexy blowjob. It was wonderful scene for the son to see the mom taking his cock in mouth. She put some cake on his cock and started sucking it again. After a little sucking the his cock became rock hard. She stood up and sat on the dinning table panty less and the son started licking her pussy and sucked her clitorious. It went for a while and they both became hot and horny . She held son’s cock and took him to the living room and made him sit on the couch and started giving blowjob to him again. The son asked her to let him fuck her tits and she agreed. Now it was the time for the mom to present the birthday gift for her step son. She sat on his cock and the son started humping her on the couch up and down. After a hot ride of fucking they became exhausted and the son filled his cum on the condom he wore during sex. This slut mother pulled out the condom and licked every bit of the his cum and said ‘It was yummy’. Like Incest? Then Watch the Video

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