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Bad step son vol 1

Bad step son vol 1, She was working on her laptop when her step son came in. He asked her to give him some money, she refused since she had no spare money for him. He was very mad at her she started badmouthing her and touched on her cunt. She got angry at him then he said if dad can why cant i fuck you. Then he told her to let him fuck her if she don’t have money.

She was trying to negotiate with him to let go of this whole matter. But he didn’t listen on her with no choice left she spread her legs and started touching her cunt over her panty whose. She undid her top and started foundling her boobs in front of him. After that he came closer to her and pushed his cock in her mouth, She started sucking off his cock. in just few minutes it was rock hard and ready to fuck her. After that she stood bent down with the help of table. He got behind her and rip off her panty whose.

Step son with bad attitude fucks his mom for not giving him money

Then he hold her hips and pushed off his cock in her pussy in one go. She screamed, he spanked her butt and told her to be silent. Then he hold her hips and started ramming her pussy hard. He continued ramming her pussy for another few minutes. Horny mom started moaning, She was trying her best to keep her voice low. Soon enough he increased his speed and was reaching his limits.

She didn’t wanted him to cum inside her. So as soon he pulled out his cock out of her pussy. She got on her knees in front of him and he pushed his cock in her mouth. he was already at his limits so her hold her head and started ramming his cock in her mouth. He fucked her mouth for a while and unloaded a whole lot of cum deep in her mouth. She glared at him he left the room without saying another word.

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