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This step brother sister pair are very close in relation. They share everything with each other & look out for each other. Step sister had a recent breakup with her boyfriend. She is always depresses these days.

One day she was sitting only in her bra & panties on her bed. It was very hot outside & hence remaining in fewer clothes was the best idea. Her AC was on but it was doing much good. Her step brother came into her room.

Step-brother: Hey sis.

Step-Sister: Hey

Step-brother: What’s up?

Step-Sister: Nothing. Getting bored.

Step-brother: Don’t tell me that you are still depressed with your breakup.

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Step-Sister: I feel bad.

Step-brother: Actually it’s good that you have broken up with him. He was real scum bag anyway.

Step-Sister: I know. But I am still sad. I don’t know what to do now. He always made me feel good.

Step-brother: Oh… You want to feel good I see. I can make you feel good by some good sister sex.

Step-brother starts tingling her & giving her buttocks some massage. She gets happy with every touch her brother was doing. She liked the way he was playing with her body.

Step-brother: Let your brother take care of you.

Every girl likes their pussy being licked. Step-sister liked the warm touch of the tongue of her step brother on her pussy.

But she doesn’t just want that. She wants to have his cock. She takes it in her mouth & starts enjoying in the same way as she did with her boyfriend.

But she wants his cock inside her already wet pussy. Her step brother understands that & puts his dick inside her pussy & with one stroke it goes down in the deep ends of the pussy & now he starts fucking & enjoying sister sex while she talks on phone. She too enjoys this.

Watch the video to see their action.

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