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This step daughter step mom sex video starts by the two sitting in the living room chatting and the step mom is ready to teach the step daughter some new sex skills. The step daughter is hesitant for learn but the step mom insist that she should learn. The step daughter then accepts and strips to be taught the sex skills, they both start by stroking their clit and they enjoy it even if the step daughter is a bit shy. She giggles because she is shy, she fingers herself then licks her finger, the step mom congratulates her for a job well done.

They continue with the classes and she starts to understand how to do it and then the step mom starts to finger her and then she starts moaning. The step daughter step mom sex video gets intense when she continues to finger her and then licks her finger in a sexy way, she continues to finger her and stroking her clit. The moaning continues and the fingering too, the step mom stand and goes on top of her and starts kissing her passionately and then start grinding. This makes the step daughter to moan and scream for more.

They continue to sex passionately and grinding, she then kisses the step daughter and start to lick her already wet pussy, this makes her to even moan more. This step mom step daughter sex video gets hotter when she continues to lick her and she continues to moan, she then fingers her and even tongue fuck her. She step mom stops and gives her step daughter a chance to show her what she has learnt. To her surprise she has learn a lot because the way the step mom moans is so crazy and she yearn for more.

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