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Mom sex with birthday planner

Victoria has her daughter’s birthday in a week. She decides to this in a professional way. So she calls party planner. But after looking the pics of the party planner boy online on FB, she decides to plan for birthday along with some fun. So instead of going to office of the party planner she calls him home.

She wears a white top which is of net form also called as “fishnet top”, combined with short mini skirt which makes this white beauty become a teenager again. Even though she is in her 40’s, still now equipped with this deadly combo of white top & skirt, she now looks a girl in her teens. To make things more irresistible for the party planner boy, she also puts on white heels which are a weak point for any man. Man particularly gets attracted to the woman who wears heels & likes that women even more is she keeps those heels on while having sex.

Party Planning leads to mom sex

For having some private time with the planner, she purposely invites him when her husband & daughter are not at home. Walks seductively from the stairs & comes near to the planner & sits beside him.
She starts with casual talk like how are you going to plan the birthday & all. He asks about the number of guests she is expecting at the party & how old her daughter is. She notices that his attention is not towards her but is towards arranging the birthday party. So to stir things up, she starts re-focusing his attention towards her by saying that she needs to check him personally for making sure that he is perfect for planning her daughter’s birthday. Having no clue, he says “you want to check me. Is that what you want?” She replies with a yes. He understands her intention & says, “Ok. Fine. I will Dance before you i.e. have sex with you. Make yourself sure & check if I am up to your expectation for planning the birthday.”

With a naughty smile on faces of both persons, they start kissing. He immediately starts putting his hands in her short & mini skirt. Feeling the passion, mom starts to give very horny facial expressions. Biting her own lips is one of them.

Mom begins fondling his penis from above his pants. She is very horny. She can’t resist the temptation, & hence starts massaging his penis without removing it from his boxers.

Greatest asset of a woman are her breast & in this situation this mom has a perfect 36 size of breast. He starts feasting on them. Sucks them like her new born baby. She responds by moving her fingers on his head.

Now the planner is hungry for her pussy. Seeing her blue underwear, he goes mad & removes it soon & starts enjoying her pussy. He keeps his lips on the two big lips of vagina.

She then removes his pants & starts sucking his big dick. She sucks them with her both hands. She likes the way that dick grows in her mouth & the taste of it.

Now is the time for some real action. Mom has the fantasy of fucking on couch. So she skips bedroom & they begin their action on couch itself. Though she had sex so many times till now, but still her pussy is very tight as she had not fucked anyone in a long time. So he feels a lot of pressure on his penis when it enters her vagina. But that pain is worth it. He starts enjoying the way his skin on the penis is moving up & down in the vagina. It was feeling for him as if her vagina is milking out the sperms from his penis.

Being physically strong, this planner lifts her & fucks her while standing. She puts her hands around his neck. Though she has weight, still the experience of fucking her in this position makes him & her even more hornier.

Now mom wants to be in charge. She wants to ride his cock. But she wants to sit on the couch without removing his dick from her vagina. So from standing position, they sit on the couch without removing the cock from vagina.

She wants some extra hardness in his dick. So she starts sucking them & increasing the blood flow to his penis. She sits in horizontal position & asks him to insert his penis in this position as it will give him more exposure to fuck. This gives so much power to him, that he starts stroking with force. She starts moaning loudly & the room is filled with their fucking noises.

Now again her time has come. She starts riding the dick from the front side. Planner now keeps her in front of her & they both sleep on couch. Then he inserts his penis from behind & in her ass hole. She likes it so much, that she herself starts stroking it without little help from him.

After a lot of fucking, she gives him the climax blowjob. She makes him cum & drinks it. She smiles in a naughty way & says “You are hired for the job.” She starts dreaming about how many times she can fuck him now as he is hired permanently as an event planner for her family.

Mom sex with birthday planner.

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