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Mom has gone to her sister’s house in other town for some work. But handling her daughter is no joke for her husband. Step dad sees that his step daughter is not at home in the morning. Following is the conversation between his wife & him:

Step Dad: Ok. Right. I am in her room. She is not here.

Mom: What were you doing?

Step Dad: What was I doing? She is your daughter. This is the third time she has stayed all night outside. I have not heard from her. No text messages. Have you even heard from her?

Mom: No baby. I haven’t heard from her. I don’t know what to do. How I am going to handle her?

Teen is punished with daughter sex for staying outside overnight

Step Dad: Listen, this time I am going to handle her. You have been babying her from the last 5 years. She is old enough now to learn what is right or wrong. This is ridiculous.

Mom: Ok fine. But when did she leave home last night?

Step dad: I don’t know. I checked her last night. She was not here at 12.30 midnight. She was not here. Not I have got ready for work & she is still not here. Obviously, she was out for whole night, probable with that jerk kid. So I take that I have your permission to handle this. Ok then. Have a good day now.

Step Dad: You weren’t here one hour before. Where were you?

Step daughter: I was here only.

Step Dad: Oh god! You really think I am that stupid. You were not here & you are not going to go again outside at night with that kid. I got permission from your mother for handling your situation.

Step daughter: You are not my father. You can’t do this.

Step dad: We will see about that.

Watch the video to see how step dad handles the situation by punishing her with step daughter sex.

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