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Dad fucks daughter on her birthday while mom prepares cake

What could be better for a teen daughter getting her first fuck from her father that too on her birthday when she turned 18. Daughter didn’t took much time to seduce her dad for entering her teen pussy and enjoying a hot sex with her while mommy is in kitchen near then preparing cake for her daughter’s 18th birthday. Just thinking about the scene had made me hard already, imagine watching the whole scene from how it started and ended with hot fucking will do!

It’s the birthday of daughter and mom preparing cake for their daughter in kitchen when dad was talking to her. Both were so happy as their daughter turned 18 now and a adult who can now take her own decision for herself. But they don’t know what she had decided to celebrate her 18th birthday and how she decided to do it ;).

Dad fucks daughter on her bday while mom prepares cake for her daughter turning 18

It’s the time when dad greeted her daughter and slowly this horny teen daughter placed her hands on her dad’s dick over his pants! He was so shocked at this but was so excited too as he knows her gonna enjoy this young tight pussy anytime soon and then forever. Both were so horny and were caressing and kissing each other madly. She sat on her knees taking his her dad’s dick out of his pants and started to suck it by placing it inside her warm mouth.

Mom’s in kitchen and dad fucks daughter on her bday while mom prepares cake. In no time this teen daughter was out of her clothes and was fully nude with her dad’s dick in her pussy outside the kitchen. This is getting so hot as this horny dad and daughter had no fear of getting caught or do they? Well, with their hot fucking in different positions and the way he fucking her daughter hard, it looks like they don’t even care if her mom catches them like that.

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