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This blonde daughter has a big love for black monster dicks. She happens to know that her step dad has a huge black dick which she wants to try in her teen pussy by daughter sex.

She finds her dad one day alone & raises the issue of relationship & boyfriends with him. This casual talk soon converts to sexual talk & goes in the following way:

Daughter: I do have seen a couple of guys till now. But nobody made a cut. None of them was up to the mark.

Step Dad: Oh yeah! Is that so? Why not?

Step Daughter: Don’t know. I think they were not just that good. Now as that we are on the subject of relationship & are talking about it I want to ask you a question which I was dying to ask. Since you are my first black step dad which is very exciting; was mom the first white woman you had been with?

Who is better for daughter sex?

Dad: Actually, yes, she was the first.

Daughter: Is she the best?

Dad: You know she was the first & she is good but I don’t have any other white woman to compare her with.

Saying that this horny step daughter stretches her legs & says, “Like mother, Like Daughter. Do you want to see who is better?”

Dad: This is inappropriate baby girl.

Daughter: I won’t tell anybody if you don’t tell anyone. Now let us have some daughter sex.

Daughter removes his pant & sucks this big black cock. But she wants to taste the pre-cum first. So she stays at the top of dick for much time & sucks it with all the vigor she has got. Her step father even compliments her on the way she was giving blowjob to which the daughter says, “I have learnt from the best i.e. my sexy mom.”

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