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Step dad just couldn’t turn her down, He just came back from work and sat down on the sofa. His step daughter was sitting on the other corner of the sofa. She was using her laptop. Then she shut it down and put it aside. She came closer to him and started talking to him. She was very happy to have him as dad. Then she started moving her hands on his thighs and made a request.

Even so he just came from work and was very exhausted he just couldn’t turn her down. Then she unzipped his pants and started sucking off his cock. He started to have a boner. Then he got rid of his pants quickly. She sat beside him and sucked off his fat monster cock for a while. She masturbated his cock and continued sucking off his cock till it became rock hard. After this she lie down on the bed spreading her leg wide. Her dad got between her legs and thrust ed his monster cock in her pussy slowly.

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She let a sweet moan out. Then he started moving his hips slowly. It was a bit pain full for but she tried her best to keep her voice low. After few minutes when she got adjusted for his cock she started moving her hips. Her father couldn’t control himself any longer. He grabbed her legs and put all his weight on her then. He started ramming her pussy hard. Horny daughter started moaning loudly in excitement.

He continued ramming her pussy hard and started grunting his teeth as he increased his speed. Horny daughter started moaning loudly, It continued for a while till he reached his limits he gave her few heavy strokes then he suddenly pulled out his cock out of her pussy and shouted loudly while he unloaded his cum all over her belly.

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