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This step dad step daughter sex scene starts when the step daughter sits on the couch, reading a magazine while sucking her candy and she gets horny and starts to touch herself, she moans on low tone. The step dad enters the room and finds her stroking her pussy and fingering herself. This turns on the step dad who goes closer to her and she immediately grab him and remove his cock from his pants and she sucks the cock passionately and with the thirst to do so. He starts to moan from the pleasure he is getting, she continues to suck him hard and dry and even sucking his balls.

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The blow job continues foe some more minutes and they seem to be enjoying it, she gets wet and ready for some hard fucking. She changes position and this enables him to get access to her pussy. He slides his monster cock into her already wet pussy and starts to fuck her hard. She moans and screams out of the pleasure she is getting, while he fucks her hard, she plays with her tits and her clit, this step dad step daughter sex scene gets steamy when he changes position again.

He decides to slide his cock in her tit ass, she immediately screams and moans, he then continues to fuck her hard while playing with her pussy. He even spanks her hard and she continues to moan and begging him to fuck her deeper and faster. The banging continues and what makes this step dad step daughter sex scene better is when they do not stop but decide to continue for more pleasure and they resist the urge to not cum at all. When the are about to cum the step daughter decides to go crazy and ensure her step dad will not forget this session.

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