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Abella is enjoying her cigarette in her private garden. What she doesn’t know is her father (Dean) is going to come home soon. Dean is her step father. Dean catches her red handed. Caught in action, she gets frightened. Then he says that he is going to tell her mom about this & puts off the cigarette. She pays no heed to this action & takes it all lightly.

He then scolds her for smoking on his private property. He then also reminds Abella about her past week & says that she has an “attitude” which he doesn’t like very much. All he says is “My house, My Rules.” She says that I am not going to burn the house or anything while I am smoking.

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The daughter makes a move on her dad saying that she will do anything do get her privileges back. It sounds tempting to her father. Taking advantage of the situation, he takes his pants off & there rises his big monster black cock. His cock has already grown into its largest size & has no need of any handjob or blowjob to make it bigger. But still, Abella likes the cock & starts licking it & kissing it. The cock is so big that even after taking it inside the mouth, half of it is still outside.

She then seductively removes all of her clothes & gets nude in front of her step father. Dean had already forgotten that she is her step daughter & thinks her as if only a girl who is about to get fucked. He fucks his daughter good in all kind of sex positions including the doggy style.

After Dean cums, Abella comes to the deal they made i.e. getting her keys & privileges back. As a sign of good faith he gives her keys immediately & thus starts the wonderful journey of sex between step father & daughter. Daughter sex is really awesome.

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