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Caroline Ray with step dad, Her dad was taking bath and she entered the room. Dad noticed her entering and told her to not enter whenever he was in the bathroom. Then she removed the curtain between them and started stroking his cock. Dad again tried to make her leave but instead she started sucking his monster cock. It made him horny andd started to have a boner.

She gave him a nice blowjob and when he came in her mouth she drank it and left him with a smile on her face. After wearing his clothes and told her daughter to forget about all just happened instead she removed her clothes and made him feel her boobs. After that she kissed him on lips, finally he gave up and started pressing her nicely shaped boobs. She was very happy she removed all her clothes and lie down on the sofa.

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Dad started licking her shaved pussy. After that dad removed all his clothes and she started sucking his cock. After making his cock rock hard she got on top of him and started moving up and down putting his cock in her pussy. After few minutes she turned around and continued fucking her pussy for another five minutes. Dad was feeling very horny by now so they lie down on the bed side by side and he started fucking her pussy from behind her.

After few minutes he got on top of her and started fucking her pussy rapidly for another few minutes. After that she got on all four and he started fucking her pussy from behind. He continued ramming her pussy till he reached his limits. She was also enjoying it very much so she was moaning all the time. As soon as he reached his limits he pulled out his cock and came on her back.

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