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Russian mom and son vol 3, Step son was sitting on the sofa, he was talking to his girlfriend. Mom came closer cat walking and put off the phone. He started staring his mom. Then she sat on his and started talking to him. Shocked son was confused what was happening with him.

Then she started touching his hands and chest sexually. Aroused son started pressing her boob. She grabbed his hand and pressed her boobs hardly. Finally it hit him he removed mom’s top and started sucking off her boobs as if he was trying to drink her milk. After few minutes she removed his pants and mom sat between his legs and started sucking his long erect penis. He was getting excited.

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After getting his cock sucked, he had mom lie down on the sofa and sucked her clean saved pussy nicely. Meanwhile he kept stroking his cock in his hands. After that he started fucking her pussy with his rock hard long penis. He kept her legs on his shoulders and kept ramming her pussy for few minutes. Then she got on all four on the sofa and he got behind her.

He was feeling very excited and he grabbed her hips and started humping his hips fucking her pussy rapidly. She was also feeling very excited and started moaning loudly. After that he lie down on the sofa and she sat on his and started moving up and down fucking her own pussy. He reached his limits and started humping his hips form below. Then he stood up and came near her face her started masturbating his cock and came on her face.

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