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Hot sexy girl seduce father of her husband and got fucked by him hard in her pussy. Lust can overpower anyone and can get satisfaction beyond any relationship. Blonde teen who was living with her husband and her father in law was lusting on her father in law from a long time. Time came when her husband went for a meeting in other town. She started to seduce her father in law and made her horny as hell to get fucked by him.

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She went to him near swimming pool of their house while he was talking on phone, she told her to some favour which he denies on which she thought this is the right time to break the ice of this relationship and move on. She She took him in her room and started smooching him, he got the hint on decided to go with the flow. She threw him on bed and seductively removed her clothes in front of him to tease him more.

After getting fully nude she sat and made him to suck and lick his pussy. He was sucking and licking her pussy like a mad dog and after sometime he stands up and she without wasting time got on her knees and took his dick out of his pants and started to suck his dick. She was sucking it hard and taking deep inside her mouth, he took his dick and  slapped her with his dick and again put it in her mouth and started to fuck her mouth for some time.

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