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On the beach with daughter in law

A girl named Gizzele lives with her husband, and her in laws lives near their house. Her father in law is a naughty guy who keep flirting with his daughter in law whenever they were alone in a conversation. She also likes him much, day by day they became too close to each other. One day when her husband had to go to other city for some work, she decided to move ahead and give her father in law a lovely treat. She seduced him and they decided to have sex on the beach away from their house.

On the beach with daughter in law

They went to the beach, he was in a short and she was in a sexy bikini. They moved away from the crowd and then he laid down on mat and pulled down his shorts, she sat on his dick and started to ride him. He was fucking her and also playing with her pussy. He keep fucking her till he came inside her pussy and both of them moved from there and went to home happily, after that day, he keep fucking her whenever he was horny and they whenever they got change to fuck.

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