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Certain things are totally normal, like fighting with your step brother. Other things are not so normal: after getting in a fight with her brother to use his computer, this step sister end up finding tons of porn in her brother’s laptop. The weird thing is, all of the videos and photos have a single theme: all of them involve a step brother fucking a step sister. Could this taboo be her brother’s secret fetish?

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Even if she think that her step brother is a total pervert, this sexy brunette can’t help herself. After watching some of the videos saved on his laptop, she end up touching herself, getting wet and naughty alone in her bedroom. Her step brother eventually find out about her attitude and decides to confront her while she have a hot shower. He screams with her saying that she shouldn’t touch his stuff and that she is wrong.

After all the fight, he decides to clear everything up with her… She finally asks him if he would fuck her own step sister. The step brother, wondering how to escape the tricky situation, tries to keep her cool and stay calm. Luckily for him, his step sister just want to have fun and put a end to her curiosity.

She was in her sexy dress which was barely covering anything, she gave him blowjob for some time and was sucking his dick like she was sucking a candy. She then placed his dick between her big boobs and gave him a nice boobs job before getting fucked by him hard in her pussy.

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