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Devilish sister closed his mouth and roped his mouth. She got on top of him and removed his pants. He was having a boner. She took it in his hands and started masturbating his cock. She got between his legs and started sucking off his fat cock. After few minutes she put his cock in her pussy and started moving her hips up and down rapidly. After few minutes she got up and removed her top.

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She again got on top of him and put his cock in her pussy. Since she was feeling very horny so she started moving her hips up and down rapidly. He was also enjoying it started humping his hips in sync with her. Horny sis started fondling her boobs in excitement. She continued fucking her pussy in this position for few minutes. Then she turned around on top of him with his fat cock in her pussy.

Then she started moving her hips rapidly. She was enjoying it very much and increased her speed. He was also reaching his limits so he started humping his hips from below. Soon enough he reached his limits and came in her pussy.

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