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This horny son went to here mom’s bedroom where she was sleeping and gets buck naked. He slept besides mom and inserted his cock in her pussy to wake her up. The mother woke and was shocked to see her son lying on the bed beside her. She asked the son what is he doing here.The son replied that he just came early morning to see her. He said he wake her up for morning sex. Mom said what if his dad come to know about this. He said that dad has some work to do so he left early morning. Mom was happy but she enquired about his girlfriend. He said they broke with each other and now she is the only one who can satisfy his needs. She became horny hearing this from son and soon they started kissing each other. They both became completely naked and the son inserted two fingers in mom’s shaved pussy and started licking it too.

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This horny mom took her step son’s cock in mouth while he was fingering her pussy. She started giving him blowjob and made his cock rock hard with her saliva.The scene goes more wild and she became eager to take her son’s cock in her pussy. She climbed on him and inserted his cock in her pussy. The wild fucking goes on and the son started drilling her pussy like an animal. Mom was making noise while riding his cock. After a hard ride they change in doggy position. This goes for a while and son now inserted his cock in mom’s tight asshole. While fucking mom’s ass he inserted his two finger in her pussy. The noise became more louder with the hard anal fuck. He started stroking mom’s ass harder and harder. With each stroke she screamed more and more. After a hot and wild anal fuck he shoot his cum in mom’s mouth. She was satisfied and kissed his cock. Must Watch the video.

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