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Two sisters are aspiring models. They want to be hot shots in the model industry. They are willing to do anything. What they don’t know is that one day they have to participate in sexy action with one another with the producer.

Director & Producer of a firm calls on these sisters to offer them a role. But success always comes with conditions. He wants to have sex with both of them in a threesome way. Girls are ready to have sex with him but they never thought that they will indulge in sister sex. They felt it is wrong. But success & money blinds even the best of us. So they say yes to the proposal.

Beginning of the sister sex relation between two sisters

The day arrives when they have to go to the producer’s hotel room. Sisters dress in black lingerie. One of the hot sexy blonde wears the fishnet lingerie & other black haired sister wears the designer lingerie.

Blonde is ready for some action & starts first. She lets the producer suck her pussy. But then other sister comes & sees her sister being licked by him. She forgets that she is her little sister & see’s her as a person with whom she can have lesbian relation while being fucked by a man.

All the scene in the room makes the black haired sister horny. Even the blonde wants the sister badly. They are so hot that the two sisters start kissing each other & sucking each other’s boobs while the producer licks blonde girls pussy. But licking each other’s lips & boobs is not enough & hence they start helping each other by moving their finger nails over each other. They start sucking each others ass hole & pussy while the producer fucks them with his dick. Sisters take turn to finish with producer so that they can have a private time after that for some hot sister sex.

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