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Sera is a cute brunette cousin sister of Railey. Sera is an aspiring guitarist & want to play in one or the other music bands. But no one is giving her a change. She is in desperate need of a job in a music band so that she can learn her passion & make it her profession as well.

She never had a formal training in guitar & hence she had to learn everything on her own. She is a base guitarist. Base guitarist is the one which adds the base to the tune in the song. There is a difference between lead guitarist & base guitarist.

Fortunately, her cousin brother had a music band of his own & recently their base guitarist left them & hence they need a base guitarist now. So Sera ask her real brother to give Railey a call & fix appointment with him at her home.

Sister sex for getting into music band

Railey (the cousin brother) comes to sister Sera’s house. He wants to see for himself whether Sera is up to the mark. Sera had called him purposely at a time when no one is at home. She even bribed her real brother to stay away from home for the day. She did this because she likes to have dick in her pussy & secondly she can do anything for being a guitarist. Literally anything & everything. Even sister sex as well. 

When Railey listens to her music he says, “Sera, you don’t play guitar that well. You need practice.” Sera says, “I know and hence I want to join you.” Railey says, “I want an experienced guitarist.” She says, “Teach me how to play & I can do it. In return I am ready to suck & fuck your cock brother & have sister sex with you anytime you want.” Watch the video to see what happens next.

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